In October, during the 2015 ANA Master of Marketing Conference in Miami, Brad Jakeman, President of Pepsi's Global Beverage Group, made clear his feelings on the advertising industry. He called it inefficient and antiquated in nature. He went on to say that the industry lacked innovation and diversity... Really?! Well, maybe Mr. Jakeman isn't looking in the right places. Maybe its time for a new Pepsi that challenges Brad.

The Challenge Me Brad program is a social media campaign created to help shine a light on boutique marketing, media and entertainment firms that are looking for opportunities to showcase their talents, and to prove that bigger doesn't always mean better. If you own or work for an independently-owned agency, media or entertainment company and feel that you can help Brad change his tune, then hit the button below and join Challenge Me Brad movement.
The Challenge Me Brad campaign is not an official PepsiCo trademark nor is it sponsored or endorsed by PepsiCo in any way. Challenge Me Brad is a campaign created by boutique marketing firm, Hero Group Inc., as a small business initiative in support of the boutique marketing industry.